Prayer is the vital link between us and God, showing our submission to His sovereignty and thus asking for His will to be done (Matthew 26:39). We know that if we rely on our intellect, talents, and opinions we will fail, but if we seek after God's will and trust His way, we will see Him help, instruct, and guide us.

Public Prayer

Join us on Sunday evenings at 5:30 as we pray together as a church family – for each other, our community, and our world.

Private Prayer

A chart of the names of everyone at Northside is available for members of the church family to use during their private devotion time with God. We encourage everyone at Northside to be in prayer for everyone else as we need God's power to obey Him.

Prayer Partners

Every year we ask for individuals who would be willing to adopt one of our youth as a prayer partner. We produce "prayer cards" for each of the youth and encourage their prayer partners to use them as a reminder to consistently pray for them as they seek to live life God's way in the adolescent years.