Daily Bible reading schedule

Outline of 1 Samuel

  1. The Story of Samuel (1:1-7:17)
  2. Transition to the Monarchy (8:1-22)
  3. The Story of Saul (9:1-15:35)
  4. The Story of Saul and David (16:1-31:13)

The History of Salvation in 1 Samuel

The period of the Judges shows the serious problems Israel had, both in its leadership and among the people as a whole. The books of Samuel show God’s continued care for his people, in raising up for them a king whose job was to be their champion, representative, and example. Saul, by his disobedience to God’s messenger, proves to be an unsuitable king. David, on the other hand, in spite of his moral failures, is God’s choice to be the beginning of an enduring dynasty, from which the ultimate Ruler, who will lead Israel in bringing blessing to all the nations, will arise.

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