Our Church


Our Vision

The vision of Northside Baptist Church is to be a community of Christ followers that transform individual lives, families, and whole communities both here and abroad through the power of the Gospel as we WORSHIP God, GROW together, and SERVE others.

Worship God

We, as believers, exist to give glory to God primarily through our worship of Him. While our local church gathers once a week to worship together, we recognize that our whole lives are to be lived as an act of worship.

Grow Together

The Christian walk was never meant to be done alone, or in private. It is a community experience where we all contribute to one another's spiritual development. God commands us to do certain things "one to another". This is not easily done during the time our entire church gathers for worship which is why we highly encourage people to participate in one of our Community Groups.

Serve Others

Our church desires to be a church that is defined by how effectively it accomplishes its God given task, the Great Commission. Jesus commands us to "go", not to wait for people to come to us. We follow Jesus' example of Gospel centred serving that meets both people's spiritual and physical needs.