Church Leadership


pastor-terry-anger.jpgTerry Anger

Although not raised in a Christian family, Pastor Terry was brought up in a church going home. At the age of 15 he was invited to a good friend's home where his mother shared the gospel. That night he gave his heart to Christ. God immediately filled Terry with a love for His Word, a love for God's people, and a desire to walk in His ways.

In 1982, Terry married Allison and they began to teach in a small Sunday School class of two and three year olds. It was through teaching these children that God ignited a passion in Terry to preach His Word. At the age of 19, he preached his first sermon and began a path of preaching and teaching the Word of God that has spanned 33 years.

Ben Emery

Pastor Ben was born and raised in Southern Ontario before moving to the Maritimes during his high school years. He has lived in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick since then until he and his family's recent move to the Kitchener-Waterloo area to serve at NBC.

Ben's greatest desire is to see the personal conversion and subsequent spiritual growth of individuals through the presentation of a Christocentric Gospel message. He also believes that God’s rescue plan for the world goes beyond individual salvation and extends into and penetrates every aspect of life and culture.

He believe's that one of the main goals and responsibilities of the local church is to work alongside the family to train and equip individuals from a young age and give them a foundation built on a vibrant Christian Worldview where Christ is King over all. 


deacon-peter-fehr.jpgPeter Fehr

Peter was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. His family moved to Canada in 1976. After being witnessed to and prayed for by his mother, Peter attended a revival meeting at the EMMC church in Aylmer Ontario. That evening he heard the gospel clearly preached, and accepted Christ as Saviour. Shortly after, he moved to Waterloo Ontario and began attending Northside Baptist Church where he was baptized and joined the church.

After joining Northside, Peter became involved with youth and started serving in the bus ministry. God began tugging on his heart and he surrendered to His service. He started Bible college where he met his wife Sandy. They were married in 1980. Soon after they were called to a small church in Dundas Ontario where Peter served as pastor for a short time. After Bible collage they went to Newfoundland to pastor and saw God work in a small church. Since returning to Northside Peter has served as a Sunday school teacher and a deacon.

deacon-dan-gordon.jpgDan Gordon

Dan was privileged to be born into a family where his parents knew and loved God and were committed to teaching their children to do the same. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, he recognized his need for a saviour at a young age and placed his trust in Jesus Christ. God has faithfully been working in Dan's life ever since, increasing his love for God and His Word.

Dan moved to Waterloo to attend university and first came to Northside Baptist Church in 2006. His wife Monica has attended Northside since she was a child. They were married in 2010 and have two children; Malcolm and Lucy.

deacon-chuck-swartzentruber.jpgChuck Swartzentruber

Chuck grew up in a home with Christian values for which he is very thankful. His parents faithfully took him and his family to church every Sunday. They had been attending Northside for a year when Chuck’s Sunday School teacher was speaking about Jesus dying on the cross to pay the penalty for sins. Chuck realized he was a sinner and decided to accept Jesus as Saviour. After class, his teacher led him to the Lord and a few months later he was baptized. He continued attending church and the youth group and is grateful for the Christian friends he grew up with. One of them (Susan) became his wife! God has blessed Chuck and Susan with three wonderful children. All of them has accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. One currently serves as a Pastor in Alberta, and the other two are in Bible College. God has truly blessed Chuck’s family and his prayer is that they will keep being faithful to Him!

deacon-terry-murphy.jpgTerry Murphy

Terry, Cathy and Brianna have been at Northside for many years and are involved in various ministries at the church including Audio Visual and Awana.


Stuart Daly

Stefan Meyers

Jim Swartzentruber